Über uns

Andrej Mihelič was only a child, when he already liked to stand on crossroads and watch the traffic. But not just traffic at all, he was fascinated by trucks. As his relatives say, he knew all brands and models of trucks they were on our roads. And when his cousin said to him: "Andrej, why wouldn't you drive a truck?" his future was determined.

In 1997, the company Avtoprevozništvo Andrej Mihelič s.p. was founded. Transport relations were already from the very start: Slovenia - Austria - Germany - Benelux and also Denmark.

In 2004 a breaktrough followed: Slovenia became a full member of EU. Crossing permits were no longer needed an transportations became much easier. Through years fleet and number of employees expanded. Company started to purchase another brands as Mercedes, Renault.

In difficult years of 2008-09 the company changed its strategy and continue to grow more steadily, so also this time passed away with no serious consequences.

Because of growing and expanding business relations next logical step was hiring another experienced disponent, getting help in administration and, most important, legal transformation of the company.

With Resolution of District Court of Ljubljana, dated 19.06.2015, company

    - Avtoprevozništvo Andrej Mihelič s.p., Zabretova ulica 12, Ljubljana,

transformed into

    - Jumbotrans d.o.o., Pšata 81 A, Dol pri Ljubljani.

Today, Jumbotrans besides his director, disponent and administrator counts eight drivers.

We are trying to be better and better for you!

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